Welcome to "I Am Denim"

Welcome to I Am Denim jeans. 

I really hope i can make a difference to the way you think and feel about jeans.

I've designed and created these jeans just for you, to make you feel good again.

I know the struggle of finding comfortable jeans that fit, that move with our bodies, that don't dig in and that give us confidence.

As a new mum that underwent major abdominal surgery it was in the weeks after recovery that I found something as simple as pulling on a pair of jeans an absolute struggle and an uncomfortable one. Searching for the right pair made me realise how much we all struggle to find jeans that fit and even more so if our body has changed after pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain, c-section or surgery. 

I couldn't find a great pair of jeans that were comfortable, looked good and were beautifully made, so i created my own.

I wanted to make jeans that everyone could wear with total confidence no matter their shape, size, scars or surgery. Jeans should be for everybody's body. So thats how I Am Denim was born!

Sophie x