Why our jeans are different?

How many of you struggle to find jeans that fit, are comfortable & actually make you feel good?

Women & men struggle with what should be such a simple task & something often taken for granted. 

If your body has changed through pregnancy, surgery, scars, weight loss or weight gain, mumtum or bloating, then simply pulling on a pair of high street jeans just doesn’t work. 

After surgery I couldn’t find jeans that felt comfortable or gave that perfect fit. So finding a pair that looked good was out of the question! 

This is why I created I Am Denim. 

Jeans for Everybody’s body. 

Using second skin tummy control technology built into the jeans & intuitive design, I have created the ultimate range offering the perfect fit & comfort you deserve.

They’re perfect for the body conscious, for those struggling to find comfortable jeans, for after baby, for scars, for after surgery, stretch marks, bloating & much more! 

Ive spent years getting this right & I'm so proud of the results. 

You deserve choice, confidence and happiness when you get dressed.

I’m so thankful my designs can help you look & feel amazing.

Much love