I Am Denim wins #WOW Award for creating jeans brand that changes lives!

I Am Denim has been recognised by British businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold CBE, for her success as a female entrepreneur, and awarded with a prestigious #WOW badge.

Jacqueline Gold says: “I Am Denim is making history, being the first ever pair of jeans men and women can wear after major abdominal surgery. Sophie’s personal experiences showed a gap in the market for jeans that were not only stylish but comfortable, the I Am Denim jeans do exactly this and I wish her every success in the future.”


Sophie says “Being able to create jeans that help ease the psychological impact of getting dressed after surgery is really special and important to me. Struggling with something as simple as finding a great pair of jeans that fit comfortably can make you feel different and affect your confidence.”

Sophie didn’t want others to feel like this so it set her on a path to create revolutionary, inclusive jeans that help improve the lives of others. Jeans that everybody can wear no matter their shape, size, scars or surgery. These revolutionary jeans are now available to men and women worldwide.

The jeans Sophie has created offer complete comfort using super soft Italian denim and give ultimate coverage using a specially designed ‘I Am Denim Tummy Control Technology’ , which is breathable and helps to gently support the abdomen.

She’s really proud to have her jeans made here in Britain, meaning she can oversee the whole process and ensure quality products. When you buy a pair of jeans from I Am Denim you’re supporting more than just her mission to give body confidence back to those that need it most, you’re supporting a community.

Sophie says “For me there was never a doubt that the jeans had to be of the best quality with zero exploitation and that meant British manufacturing. The jeans are cleverly made by a multi-skilled team of experts in a state of the art factory in the heart of Blackburn with over 150 years experience. They work with only the UK’s finest premium clothing brands. There is no fast fashion here, just pure skill, and a dedicated team that is paid fairly.”

Quality jeans that are made to last. Buy less, choose well.

I Am Denim’s ethos is ‘No Judgment’. I Am Denim is about self-confidence, self love and really embracing who you are. After surgery, it can be life-saving but also life-changing. It’s really important we empower each other whether that be with love and support or a great pair of jeans. Sophie wants people to realise that although it can take time, you can be happy and body confident!

I Am Denim’s jeans have been purchased worldwide and customers have hailed them as life changing. The mental impact of anything that changes our body image, especially something like surgery or childbirth is so overlooked. Being able to offer jeans that help others on their journey of recovery is truly wonderful.

Women on Wednesday (#WOW) takes place every week and is run through Jacqueline’s Twitter page. When selecting the winners, Jacqueline looks for businesses that are interesting, that have strong brand values and that she thinks have potential to grow and succeed in their industry. She looks for quality products and services, well designed websites and entrepreneurs who demonstrate good business acumen and who have spotted a gap in the market that meets the consumer’s needs.

Jacqueline says “For me, #WOW is all about inspiring and celebrating female entrepreneurs. My vision is for women in the UK to come together, celebrate their strengths, skills and fantastic businesses, and do all that they can to inspire other women to realise their potential.  The WOW community is a fantastic network which offers female entrepreneurs the opportunity to share advice, support each other, trade and most importantly celebrate their successes!”

I’m really honoured to be recognised by someone like Jacqueline Gold.  Go check out our fantastic jeans and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter!


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