Tomas the Stoma’s Review

I’m always delighted when someone tries our jeans and loves them as much as I and my team do!

Earlier this year Clare, who has a permanent ileostomy due to ulcerative colitis, won a pair of our women’s jeans in a competition, having initially thought they weren’t for her when she saw them at a Purple Wings event run by Lauren Hendersen (Purple Wings is a charity helping people with a stoma regain confidence and self esteem)

I have always only ever worn high waisted jeans because of, firstly the colitis with bloating and pain, then the stoma and couldn’t ever see myself with low cut jeans. Unfortunately I dismissed these I Am Denim jeans as something I wouldn’t wear and I could see them being very uncomfortable.

Clare from Tomas the Stoma

Once she had a pair of our jeans though, Clare was surprised to find how good they actually are!

Well I was very pleasantly surprised by these very well made soft stretchy jeans. The low waist is actually very comfortable because it is nowhere near the stoma but sit nicely slightly above the bottom at the back.

You can tell the material is of high end soft denim and you can move about and stretch all over and they stay put. The stretchy material that comes up over your tummy is a nice edition as it also holds you in as well as stopping the over hang of your gut over the jeans ( or is that just me with that problem? ; ) )

It gives you a great outline for when you wear skinny tops , or any tops for that matter.

Clare from Tomas the Stoma

Clare was kind enough to write me a really great review, (with photos of her wearing them and showing how great they are on her), commenting on our customer service:

can I just say that the staff are great,( Sophie the designer)  I couldn’t decide on the size so she sent them backwards and forwards to me until I made the decision. I was a right pain considering I had won them and not spent a penny on them.

Clare from Tomas the Stoma

I’m over the moon that Clare loves them. It’s so great when someone new discovers our jeans and gains some fashion freedom. 

You can read the full post here and hopefully Clare will update it with her review of her new I Am Denim joggers that she has decided to order when she gets a chance.


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