Featured in: The Guardian – The fight for adaptive fashion

Disability-friendly clothing is a niche market that often struggles to reach the consumers it is designed to help. Off the peg clothing for many disabled people is inaccessible and uncomfortable, from chaffing seams as a wheelchair user to fiddly buttons. The adage ‘you have to suffer for fashion’ afflicts so many people, turning a simple garment into a nightmare to wear. For some suffering with uncomfortable clothing is a daily reality affecting quality of life.

As a small fashion brand, I Am Denim is proud that all of our jeans and shorts, for men and women, are helping to tackle the fight for adaptive fashion. Our designs are made from stretchy, soft and confortable denim, perfect for wheelchair users and people undergoing abdominal surgery; with clever Tummy Control Technology built-in to the waist preventing discomfort when seated.

The Guardian have written a fantastic piece about this fight for adaptive fashion.

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