Can Adaptive Fashion Break Down Barriers and Ableist Views in the Industry?

How many times have you pondered over the best outfit to buy, if jeans are the right fit, if the features you are most self-conscious about are on show or hidden?

Now imagine going shopping with the added anxiety of knowing most clothes are not even close to being designed for your needs. Clothes shopping can be a challenge without a disability. No one should feel forgotten or excluded from something as simple as finding and buying fashionable clothes that fit and make you feel good.

As a small fashion brand I Am Denim aims to help break down these barriers and the ableist views dominating the industry with our specially designed denim jeans and shorts, for men and women, made in the UK. Adaptive fashion is a movement helping to redefine what is beautiful and celebrate authenticity and uniqueness and we’re proud to be a part of that.

I spoke with Vogue for their article on Adaptive Fashion.  

No Judgement.  Just jeans.

Our best selling jeans

I Am Denim is a premium jeans brand. With fit, style and comfort at the heart of what we do, our innovative designs will have you falling in love with denim time and time again. No questioning your size, shape or scars our jeans give you the confidence you deserve.
No judgement. Just beautifully made jeans.