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The lack of affordable, high street clothing options for disabled people has left many feeling forgotten or ignored by the fashion industry claims Enable Magazine in their article on Accessible Clothing. They go on to say:

Despite an increase in high-street brands taking accessibility into account when designing their clothes, there’s still a distinct lack on the market.

Enable Magazine

A staple piece in any wardrobe, jeans can often be a problem due to their tight and restrictive nature. Here at I Am Denim we understand this completely which is why we’re the first clothing brand to make jeans for people who have had any kind of abdominal surgery, including ostomy surgery, and appendectomy, hernia repair or even a C-section.

When you have abdominal surgery, you’re thankful because it’s life-saving surgery, but it’s also really hard because it changes your body. After surgery, something as simple as getting dressed can become a real task. Having a product like ours means you can get up, you can put your jeans on, go outside and get on with your day and you don’t have to worry or think twice abut it.

Our jeans at I Am Denim have a second skin, which provides coverage when bending and reaching, and also supports the abdomen, encouraging muscle recovery. This skin also includes an inner pocket, which can be used to store drains or ostomy bags, and can even be opened to empty bags, without having to take the jeans off.

There is still a long way for brands and fashion to go to make affordable high street clothing options but at least now, I Am Denim have a range that people can access.

After all, we all love chucking on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, don’t we?


You can read the full interview and article from Enable Magazine on Issuu



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