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Accessible Clothing

A staple piece in any wardrobe, jeans can often be a problem due to their tight and restrictive nature. I Am Denim is the first clothing brand to make jeans for people who have had any kind of abdominal surgery,…

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Leading Lady

Sophie Cooper on finding postnatal inspiration for her premium denim brand. Q. How did you originally come up with the concept for your denim brand, I Am Denim?A. About a year after my son was born, I had to undergo…

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Nathan on Instagram

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first clothing brand in the world to bring you jeans that you can wear after having the same surgery that I did! Having an ileostomy, it’s nice to contain it…

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Featured Post – Tomas the Stoma

I remember seeing these jeans at the Purple Wings event and they had a stall. I have always only ever worn high waisted jeans because of, firstly the colitis with bloating and pain, then the stoma and couldn’t ever see…

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