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About I Am Denim

I Am Denim is the first clothing brand in the world to bring you jeans you can wear after abdominal surgery. For anyone thats ever struggled with what to wear after major abdominal surgery, those that want gentle support or simply to cover scars or stretch marks, these jeans are for you.

After my surgery I couldn’t find jeans that felt comfortable. So finding a pair that looked good was out of the question! It affected my confidence and I craved the ease and comfort I used to get dressed with. Determined and inspired to create the ultimate jeans I Am Denim was born.

It was really important to me to create a stylish, high quality denim jean that has a positive psychological effect for people that have undergone any kind of abdominal surgery. It can be life saving and also life changing. Being able to give some one that feeling of freedom when getting dressed is really special.

Having spent years developing the jeans so they fit just right and offer complete comfort has been a great achievement. Using a unique second skin waistband technology, I have created the ultimate pair of jeans just for you. Made in Britain to ensure the quality, luxury and comfort you deserve.

Dedicated to you,

Designed by me.


I Am Denim jeans are specially cut to make sure the denim does not interfere with your abdomen or ostomy. Cut low at the front and high at the back they offer amazing coverage especially for those that spend long periods sitting. They are lined with an ultimate second skin waistband that gently supports and covers your abdomen whilst providing an inner pocket to place your ostomy bag away from your skin easing irritation and preventing leg line drop. Suitable for scars and stretch marks, post surgery, post pregnancy, resection, c-section, all types of ostomy.

The ultimate second skin waistband is the first of its kind to be integrated into a pair of specially designed jeans. It offers complete coverage when bending or reaching and gentle support around the abdomen. It helps encourage muscle recovery after surgery and pregnancy and supports hernias It allows ostomy bags to fill comfortably with an inner pocket to place your ostomy bag preventing irritation and leg line drop.

The high percentage of LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ ensures a perfect fit and shape that lasts.

It gives the wearer a slim line outline for enhanced confidence and wearability.

The ultimate second skin waistband is piling resistant, breathable, anti-roll,  2 way stretch, quick drying and has uv protection, all important for protecting skin, ensuring comfort and enhancing confidence.

Whether a thong, boxers or large panties you can wear the underwear of your choice. I Am Denim jeans offer the ultimate in coverage but its up to you if you choose to use our inner pocket or the one that comes with some of the specialist underwear available.

When I created these jeans I wanted people to have the best in luxury and quality. Jeans that would last a lifetime. It also meant jobs for local people and enriched communities. I Am Denim jeans are sewn by experts that have been in business for over 150 years. It also meant that i can oversee every step of the process that goes in to making my designs become a reality to ensure you receive the jeans you deserve.

If you cant find your size available or have a special request then please get in touch and I will endeavour to help.

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